sharing the 2 best tips and methods to professionally clean carpets

There are thousands of ways a house can be cleaned. What definitely takes the most time is cleaning carpets as there is more than one way that the carpets can get stains on them. There are literally endless numbers of stains that are hard to remove and some are close to impossible. For this reason, the has decided to help you by sharing its tips on the best methods for removing stains on a carpet.

Once your carpet gets a stain on it, it’s time to decide will you be calling a professional business to do the job for you or will you do it yourself. We at think that there are many reasons why professionals should be called as stains can become a bigger problem than you originally things, but we also believe that there are many tips that the homeowners can benefit from. For this reason, we have decided to share our tips for cleaning some hard to remove stains and problems on the carpet.

  1. Removing gum

There are two ways you can remove gum. The first one is to get the actual gum remover chemical that will turn the gum into a paste like substance. The second one is to freeze it and remove it by force. For the first method, all you will need is the gum remover chemical and a brush.

Place the chemical over the gum stain the carpet and wait for about 30 seconds, once the area has absorbed a bit of the chemical use your brush to remove the gum. The second method requires you to freeze the area. Get a few cubes from your freezer, and place them into a small cocaine bag that won’t leak water. Next, place the ice cubes on the carpet where the gum stain is and wait a couple of minutes for the gum to freeze.

Once that is done try to remove it with your fingers, and for certain gum residue that is stubborn when it comes to removing, get the scissors and cut the top strands of the carpet.

  1. Use detergent for greasy stains

When it comes to removing a grease stain on your carpet, there is nothing better that you can have in your home but the plain old detergent. Place a few drops of detergent on the carpet where the stain is and wait a couple of minutes for it to grab the stain and piece inside it. Once it has been on the stain for about 5-10 minutes use cold water, a rag and start blowing on the area. If the stain is being particularly hard to remove use more detergent and a scrubbing pad. Just don’t forget to wipe the area after and don’t use hot water but use cold water.

These are just some of the methods we use in our company and we hope that you will benefit from them in your day-to-day carpet cleaning efforts.