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Genetic and bio research play an irreplaceable role in facing challenges of modern science and development of modern medicine. These analyzes support exploring of various diseases, conditions and characteristics of the genome itself, as well as setting correct diagnosis and treatment protocol for various illnesses. Genetic research may refer to genetic testing, creating of genetic databanks, gene therapy approaches, detection of genes responsible for numerous diseases, including cancers and expanding knowledge about human biology via various experiments.

Genetic and bio researches are, also, highly significant in exploring functions of genes, molecular evolution, mutations and gene interactions. All of these aspects are the mere foundation of medicine development nowadays.

Agen Court Company

Agen Court Bioscience Corporation is a powerful and influential company dedicated to various methods of bio research and production of genomic services. This company has a long tradition and strong developing mechanism that provides nucleic acids purification systems used in numerous labs and science research institutes. Agen Court DNA and RNA purification solutions are widely used in many countries for a large selection of lab analyzing, genetic testing and scientific experiments.

biomedical-researchThe company was established over two decades ago in Massachusetts, and it has opened many offices worldwide ever since. Probably the best known and the most frequently used product of this company is SPRI – solid phase reversible immobilization reagents. Aside from this one, there are many similar products in their assortment, mostly designed to provide extracting nucleic acids from the various biological material. PCR1 is purification system for extracting DNA, and many labs use it regularly for routine analyzing. Genomic DNA isolating reagent kit has also found its wide use and a paramagnetic bead – based plasmid purification system is widely used in molecular and genetic engineering.

Aside from these products, over one hundred of employees in this company are dedicated to providing services of DNA sequencing, resequencing and creating libraries of various bio and genetic information.  These services are used by numerous academic labs, pharmaceutical companies, even government institutes.

Profitable and useful partnership

microscopeSeveral years ago, Agen Court Bioscience Corporation was joined to Beckman Coulter, Inc. Beckman Coulter holds the right of main products and services, but two companies have joined forces to empower their researching mechanisms and reach higher results. Beckman Coulter is an influential company in the world of clinical trials and scientific sphere, and it will invest its capacities to help Agen Court boost their production and services offering. As of now on, this united corporation will be called Agen Court Personal Genomics, and it will focus its researching activities to sequencing by synthesis approach. The company remains a reliable ally to many genome research facilities, even to the National Human Genome Research Institute.

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