Had an accident whilst at work? Be sure to seek legal advice


One of the dilemmas of these situations is claiming compensation. Claiming against an employer is a very daunting process, with many people not even wanting to risk irking their source of employment, so it’s always worth seeking legal advice regardless of what you plan on doing.

Let’s take a closer look at why you should seek legal advice in the event of a workplace accident.

Explain your options

The best reason to seek out legal advice for after an accident at work is that you will find out what your options are. There are specific parameters to qualify for compensation, namely the negligence of your employer, and a solicitor can help determine whether this was the case.

You’ll know whether there is a claim to be made, how to go about pursing this, and what to expect from the process. It’s always worth seeking legal advice to know precisely what options are available!

Expert advice

Personal injury solicitors are experts in the field of workplace compensation. They have the best advice possible relating to your situation, whether that’s encouraging you to pursue a claim, rejecting a compensation offer, or how to deal with your employer.

They recommend medical experts to visit to help with the claiming process, as well as any other helpful advice that could put your mind at ease and increase your chances of a successful claim.

Personal reassurance

One of the biggest issues regarding a workplace accident is fear of being fired from pursuing legal action. In fact, many people that qualify for compensation don’t even bother making a claim because they are scared or being fired or treated differently at work.

Personal injury solicitors offer personal assurances that go a long way to ease worries about pursuing compensation. They can outline all your legal rights and how it is illegal to fire or treat you differently due to a workplace compensation claim.

Increased chances of a successful claim

The longer you wait to make a workplace compensation claim the less the chances are of succeeding. While there is nothing wrong with waiting a while, immediately seeking out legal advice only increases the chances of a successful claim, as you know all your rights from the offset.

Insurance companies are very good at minimising or even eliminating claims from people without legal representation, taking advantage of their lack of knowledge on the matter. Seeking legal advice ensures this doesn’t occur and greatly increases the chances of successful claims.