Can an Adopted Child Make a Claim?


Adopted children have a right to their parents’ estate. Getting professional help can help ensure that they are able to get the assets they are owed.

Image Source: Pixabay

Adding to your family by adopting a child is a wonderful way to give the gift of love and life to another person and to make sure that your life is full. If you have an adopted child and are worried about whether or not they will be protected after your death, it is important to understand their legal rights. Knowing what claim they have to your estate as well as the estate of their biological parents will give you peace of mind that when you are gone, your child will be taken care of.

The Death of an Adoptive Parent

Losing an adoptive parent is difficult for any child, especially when they are then faced with the real possibility that they may not be provided for after their death. It’s important that adopted children who are facing unfair wills get professional help, as they do have a claim to the estate of their adoptive parents.

Rather than trying to address an unfair will on their own, adopted children need to understand the process of will disputes; for information contact Unfairwills. This will ensure that they are able to prove their right to the estate of their adoptive parents and get the property or assets that are owed them. Other family members may want to contest the will and make it so that the adopted child doesn’t get the assets owed to them, which is why adopted children need to hire professional legal help right away when faced with this possibility.

The Death of a Biological Parent

Generally, once an adoption is completed, the relationship between the biological parent and child is severed. If the child is listed as a beneficiary in the will of a biological parent, they do have rights to their assets and property. Unfortunately, many adopted children find out that the biological family will fight them on this will. Rather than giving up the property or assets that were willed to them, it’s important that adopted children get professional help to fight for what is rightly theirs.

Because adopted children have a right to the estate of their adoptive parents and may have a right to assets from their biological parents, it’s incredibly important that they get professional help if they are facing an unfair will. It is much easier to contest or challenge a will with the help of professionals, especially if the person doing the challenging is an adopted child.