Importance of IELTS Scoring in Canada immigration

Canada immigration

There are thousands of individuals who always dream for Canada migration. The Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada (IRCC) invites those candidates who are skilled and qualified in their respective job occupation.  These people not only contribute in Canadian economy, but also are able to converse effectively with professionals and laymen. Hence, it is necessary for any candidate who wants to live and work in Canada should have a basic level of language proficiency skills. Every applicant has to appear in the IELTS (International English Language Test System) exam. High scoring in IELTS makes a big difference in CRS Points. Mississauga Immigration Lawyers have been providing assistance in immigration cases for the last few years. They want to reveal the secret of immigration success with you by discussing the importance of IELTS scoring in strengthening your application. There are two types of IELTS

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  • IELTS General
  • IELTS Academic

IELTS General is preferred to apply for the immigration programs and IELTS Academic is preferred to apply for the Study programs. Both the test types are divided into 4 sections such as; Reading, Writing, Listening, and speaking, These 4 factors are used to check the language proficiency of an applicant.

The minimum score to be eligible to apply for Canada PR is CLB 7 in each of the four modules of the IELTS. The higher you score in IELTS, the higher you get in CRS.

CLB ScoreIELTS Score

As Canada follows a point based immigration system under which an applicant must score at least 67 points out of 100 on Canada assessment grid. All the points are calculated for age, work experience, educational qualification, skills, language proficiency and adaptability.

If, you want to receive CLB 7, you have to score Reading – 6, Writing – 6, Speaking – 6 and Listening 7 in IELTS. This is the minimum requirement to be eligible for applying an application under Express Entry.

CLB 9 can be received by scoring Reading – 7, Writing – 7, Speaking – 7 and Listening 8 in IELTS and you will get the highest CRS if you score CLB 9. The minimum CRS is 0 and highest CRS is 34.

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