Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Litigation Lawyer

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Litigation Lawyer

Finding the right litigation lawyer is no easy task. Every case is unique, and you need the lawyer that is best for your case. While it’s important to do plenty of research to find a lawyer, it’s also crucial to meet in person and ask questions. Here are some of the most important questions to ask before hiringlitigation lawyers in Melbourne.

Do You Focus Exclusively on Litigation?

Successful legal advocacy takes skill and experience. Just like doctors typically focus on one area of medicine, lawyers work most successfully in a niche area of law. The right lawyer for you should focus on litigation cases.

When Did You Last Take a Case to Trial?

You want a litigation lawyer that’s comfortable taking your case to trial. Comfort in the courtroom comes from being in the courtroom. A lawyer should be able to tell you when they last tried a case, and they should also be able to tell you how many cases they’ve tried in their career. Experience in the courtroom gives your lawyer confidence using the rules of evidence and advocating for you under pressure.

When Should a Case Go to Trial?

It’s important to ask your lawyer when it’s appropriate to take a case to trial. Most cases don’t go to trial, and it’s important to find a lawyer who knows how to work towards a non-trial resolution when it’s appropriate. A lawyer should be able to articulate how they make the decision to recommend trial or a settlement for their client.

What Are the Strengths and Weaknesses of My Case?

Even though you never know what might happen in a case, experienced litigation lawyers in Melbourne can still assess your claim. They should be able to tell you if you have a strong case and have a rough idea of what stumbling blocks might make your case more complicated.

Is There Anything I Should Be Doing Right Now?

In litigation cases, there are often things that you can do immediately to gather evidence and make your case stronger. Your lawyer is your advocate, but they’re also your guide. You want to leave your lawyer’s office with a game plan of what you should be doing to build your own case.

If I Hire You, Who Do I Work with Directly?

It’s important to feel comfortable with your point of contact at the lawyer’s office, so you’ll want to know exactly who is going to work on your case. If the lawyer you’re speaking with isn’t the lawyer that’s going to handle your case, arrange to talk to the lawyer who will be your primary contact.

How Does Your Office Communicate with Clients?

Lawyers have all kinds of ways to communicate with their clients these days. Somelitigation lawyers in Melbourne might prefer phone, while others like the convenience of email or even text. Ensure you choose a lawyer who can communicate with you in a way that you’re comfortable with.